JUNE 2014: JLINE and his dancers just completed their nine month tour across the US, playing their 1000th show this past June. In the past 3 years, they have visited over 700 schools and traveled the country with their high energy, dance driven show. After a short rest this summer, the crew will start to tour again in late August.

JUNE 2014: Updated praise for the JLINE Dance Crew and their assembly performance in NY! :

"We have had different assemblies at the school, but I have never seen such a wonderful response as I did for your performance.  The message you present is needed in every school of course, but the way you are able to get it across to the children makes all the difference.  Not only did they get the anti-bullying message, they also got to experience their first concert.  There was excitement all day from the teachers and the students.  The teachers continued to tell my Principal how much they loved the assembly.  I cannot imagine that we would not have you back to the school because of how well received your program was to the entire school community. Thank you again!          
Karen Konstan PS 165 NY

JUNE 2014: More praise for JLINE dance crew after a performance in Naples NY:

"Thank you so so much for your performances this morning!  Our students couldn't stop talking about how great it was, and how much they loved your music and your stories! I've heard nothing but wonderful feedback from the teachers and students today, and we cannot wait to have you back! I think you're all extremely talented, and I wish you all the best of luck."      
Julie Austin Naples School NY


JLINE Dance Crew Anti-Bullying Performance.

It is a 45 minute, high energy performance and lecture that will inspire and entertain your audience.

The crew grabs your attention with their razor sharp choreography, upbeat pop hit and unique stage presence.
Topics covered include:



Respect and Responsibility


  • 30 minute performance of the crew's high energy choreography that engages and entertains the audience, while also imparting a powerful message.
  • 15 minute lecture on anti-bullying, respect and responsibility. The crew discusses their personal experiences with bullying, overcoming obstacles and how they persevered in order to do that they love, which is perform and inspire others.