JULY 2015 New Jersey's Respect Week starts October 5th! Have you set up your Anti-Bullying/Respect assembly for the week? If not, contact JLine Dance Crew to see if they can visit your school during this important week that celebrates tolerance, respect and inclusion.

JULY 2015 Fresh off their 1000th performance, including their first trip to Hawaii, JLine and his dancers are back in NYC creating and choreographing their all new 2015-16 show. They are currently booking dates for Fall 2015 all over the US. Send them an email to see if you can bring this powerful program to your school!

MARCH 2015 The crew just completed their 3 week tour across the US! From Wisconsin to Tennessee, the dancers were met with enthusiastic students and faculty who loved the show and it's powerful message.

"The best anti-bullying assembly we have ever had! I look forward to booking them in the future!" 
Adriann Eiebash Falling Branch School VA

The crew still has some open dates for April, May and June 2015, so email them here to see if they can bring their powerful show to your school!

February 2015: JLine and his dancers are beginning their Winter/Spring US tour with their all new Anti bullying Assembly! They just kicked off their first week of shows in New York City during Respect for all Week. With some new venues, and repeat bookings at schools they visited last year, the touring season is off to a great start! 



JLINE Dance Crew Anti-Bullying Performance.

It is a 45 minute, high energy performance and lecture that will inspire and entertain your audience.

The crew grabs your attention with their razor sharp choreography, upbeat pop hits and unique stage presence.
Topics covered include:






  • 30 minute performance of the crew's high energy choreography that engages and entertains the audience, while also imparting a powerful message.
  • 15 minute lecture on anti-bullying, respect and responsibility. The crew discusses how to deal with and stand up to bullying, overcoming obstacles and how they themselves persevered in order to do that they love, which is perform and inspire others.