From New York City

The #1 assembly in the US is now virtual!

See the crew in action


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  • You save money with our discounted pricing, since travel and lodging are no longer an issue

  • Being that we are based in NYC, we have produced a top-knotch program using some of the best videographer/graphics/studios here in NYC to give you the best of the best

  • Our dancers perform the same exciting and engaging live show that we’re known for, adjusted for a new format

  • Students and faculty can view the program, no matter what the school year may bring. At home or in school, all that’s needed is an internet connection 

  • We’ve included our brand new questionnaire for students to fill out after the assembly so they can think about the message of the show and how they too can improve their lives and set goals for themselves.

Worried the show won’t be as engaging virtually? Don’t be.


After 10 years, we know how to put on a great show and get our message across,

even more so virtually, since it’s a more intimate experience. 


Diana Lin Wong, PTA

The team put on an amazing virtual performance ! Teachers and students alike loved the show and message!

Jennifer Steele, Counselor

Our students really enjoyed the virtual assembly! The dance crew brought a lot of positive energy that resonated with our students, even through a screen!

Tyler Weinbrenner, Principal

We really enjoyed the performance. It was engaging and upbeat, and the message was great for our students to hear. Even though we can't host in person right now, we are glad we were able to do it virtually!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of results can be expected?

A: The treated hair will be smoother and more manageable. The wave patterns will become looser and it will retain some body and waves.

Q: What ingredients are in the solution?

A: The main active ingredient is Thioglycerin. Our solution also contains natural ingredients from silk, soy, wheat, meadowfoam and palm oil. Our solutions do NOT contain formaldehyde, formalin or any other chemicals that can release harmful gases.

Q: Are there any health concerns when doing this treatment?

A: The solution has a minimal scent and will not irritate the eyes, nose, mouth or lungs. There are no harmful fumes, therefore no need to wear any protective masks.

Q: How does this treatment work?

A: ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® utilizes 2 solutions for the desired results. The 1st solution softens the hair bonds, and the 2nd solution coats the newly softened hair with natural ingredients while depositing proteins into the hair.

Q: How long does the ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® last?

A: The treatment will last on average 3 months depending on the exposure of water. The hair will slowly regain some body.

Q: How is this treatment different from the Brazilian/Keratin treatments?

A: ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO®, unlike the Brazilian/Keratin treatments, does not contain formaldehyde, formalin, or any other chemicals that can contain harmful gases. The procedure for ANTI-FRIZZ BY YUKO® uses 2 solutions, while most Brazilian/Keratin treatments use only 1 solution.