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Virtual Show Pricing

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Pricing Breakdown

For assembly booked by one school/location on the same day:

  • One 45-minute assembly is $595

  • Two-in-one-day is $995

  • All you need is an internet connection

*Participant limit per virtual assembly: 500 students




  • You save money with our discounted pricing, since travel and lodging are no longer an issue

  • Being that we are based in NYC, we have produced a top-knotch program using some of the best videographer/graphics/studios here in NYC to give you the best of the best

  • Our dancers perform the same exciting and engaging live show that we’re known for, adjusted for a new format

  • Students and faculty can view the program, no matter what the school year may bring. At home or in school, all that’s needed is an internet connection 

  • We’ve included our brand new questionnaire for students to fill out after the assembly so they can think about the message of the show and how they too can improve their lives and set goals for themselves.

Worried the show won’t be as engaging virtually? Don’t be.


After 10 years, we know how to put on a great show and get our message across,

even more so virtually, since it’s a more intimate experience. 


We are able to cater the virtual program to each individual school in two ways:

  •  Via our sign-in page intro 

  •  Via the the questionnaire the students fill out afterwards


If there’s a school motto or theme you would like incorporated, we are happy to include that. I’m 100% sure our mottos of respect, responsibility and working hard to achieve your goals will align with your school’s principles as well.


Kaley Dee, Activities Director

"I will definitely be promoting this program to all the schools in the district! Amazing performance!"

Terri Spencer, PTA 

"The crew presents a positive message with energy and professionalism!"

Mark Nevins, Principal

"The performance was a fun and powerful assembly that echoed our core values and resonated with the students"

Frequently asked questions

I’m worried about our internet connection and ability to watch the program online.

We understand the concerns over watching the program online with what could be various internet connections. While we can’t control the internet you use to watch with, we’ve done everything on our end to make the process as smooth as possible. We’re using the best streaming platform available, the best internet connection we can and should the program lag or cut off on your end for some reason, we will keep the program live on the internet for a week after your booking date so students that could not view it originally have more opportunities to view the assembly.

I would rather wait until you can physically visit our school.

While we have loved touring the country and visiting over 1500 schools, we just don’t know when that will be possible again. So, we’ve been proactive and revamped our assembly to be even more engaging for a virtual audience. We’ve used the best lighting and video crew NYC can offer as our performance space, incorporated skits in between each number that highlight our themes and speak directly to students after the dance performance about how they can respect themselves by setting goals, respect others and overcome obstacles. Now is the best time ever to let students access a program that will leave them energized, inspired and ready to tackle whatever setbacks they may face.

Can we partner up with a second school when booking a virtual assembly?

When it comes to our virtual show, we are trying to keep each school’s booking separate. Since webinars have a limit of participants per webinar, we don’t want to limit anyone’s access to the program should, for example, school #1 log on to the same webinar as school #2 and, in a way, “use up” the participant slots that are allotted to each webinar. Our recommendation is for each school to book it’s own program slot. For example, School #1 books October 1 at 9am and School #2 books October 1 at 10am.

How many shows should I book for one day?

Each virtual 45-minute show has a limit of 500 participants. So, if you would like 1000 students/teachers total to view the program you would book two seperate shows for one day and receive a discount. For example: Show number one for under 500 participants at 9 AM and show number two for under 500 participants at 10 AM on the same date. If you need to book more than two shows for one day, let us know. One 45-minute show is $595 If you do book two shows in one day as described above the price is $995